Building the Future! Management Innovation Seminar for Construction Companies

Hello! It is Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting. Today I will write about Keynote lecture which I took charge of at the safety and health convention held by a construction company in Fukuoka prefecture.

This company is a construction company, a leading general contractor headquartered in Osaka. A lot of cooperating companies gathered at the convention.

The title of the lecture is “Building the Future! Management Innovation Seminar for Construction Companies”

And the contents are as follows.

  1. Confirmation of 6 basic items of management
  2. What is management innovation
  3. All you need is a clear vision
  4. External environment in the construction industry
  5. Draft the strategy to realize the vision
  6. Draft the action plan based on strategy
  7. Cases of management innovation
  8. Utilization of management innovation support system

The construction industry has a feeling of blockage accompanying talent shortage and market shrinkage. There are many managers who give up and have bad moods. But then it falls into a negative spiral. They need the breakthrough against the current situation. I have talked a lot about hints to find hope, dream, vision for the future. The point is external environment. Opportunities and threats are two sides of the same. How you perceive depends on your way of thinking.

There are a lot of management innovation cases. New business, new construction method, new construction material, new market … There are various patterns.

I feel that important point for the success of innovation is the manager highly motivated. “Hints of management innovation” does not come down from the sky. You should find out for yourself. For that, it is important to move around a lot.

I have talked a lot about these contents. I am pleased if one company wakes up to the necessity of management innovation!

Zen proverb 12 : Hougejaku

I’ll introduce new Zen proverb. It is “Hougejaku.”

“HOUGE” means dumping.

“JAKU” means what you are wearing or having.

Can you dump yours, for example, clothes, money, thinking and so on.

By keeping to dump, what remains as the last one you have?

You can realize who you are.

Zen proverb 11 : Ichijitsunasazareba Ichijitsukurawazu

Hello! I am Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting.

I introduce a Zen proverb ‘Ichijitsunasazareba Ichijitsukurawazu.’

It has two meaning.

One is “If you don’t work , you can’t eat.”

“Ichijitsu” means one day.

so we can also say “”If you don’t work today, you can’t eat today.”

How about tomorrow?

Nowadays we have many foods in developed country. If we eat many foods today, we don’t need to eat tomorrow. But it is not good for health.

Many people work hard everyday. When will it finish? To work hard everyday isn’t good for life.

We should live politely in each day. This is second meaning.

Zen proverb 9 : Aun

Hello! I’m Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting.

“AUN” is one of the Zen proverbs and very familiar is Japan.

“A” means the root of everything and “UN” means the goal of everything.

There isn’t anything between “A” and “UN.”

It means that the relationship of two things/persons is very simple and doesn’t need any explanations.

Do you have “AUN” friends?

Zen proverb 7 : Byojoshinzedo

Hello! I’m Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting.

Are you thinking about your life?

Do you have a good idea for improving your life?

Do you know a good method to change your life?

Thinking about such ideas or methods is no meaning.

We wake up, walk, eat, work, hang out, sit and go to bed everyday.

Keeping on them is our life. It is on the way of our life.

Zen proverb 6 : Gahoujin

Hello! I am Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting.

I will introduce Zen proverb “Gahoujin.”

It simply means that I meet someone.

The real meaning is that meeting someone is vital for everyone.

We can learn from someone because everyone has different sense of values and different way of thinking.

We should value diversity.

Zen proverb 5 : Sottaku no ki

Hello. I am Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting.

I will introduce 5th Zen proverb “Sottaku no ki” today.

Sottaku means baby chicken breaking egg shell from inside and mother chicken pecking from outside.

Ki means timing.

If timing of breaking and pecking is not good , baby can’t be born and might be died. So timing is very important for birth.

We can replace “baby and mother” to “teacher and student” or “boss and subordinate.”

In any case, Making effort from baby and Support from mother are important and both must do one’s best.